2022 – Singitic (Athos) Gulf

Between Ouranoupoli and Amouliani the water was calm, the wind hardly blew at all, but the currents were extremely strong. I swam from east to west (the route), and the currents took me out of the bay from north to south (towards my left), having at least an hour of effort in which I almost swam perpendicular to the direction of travel (to my right).

2021 – Toroneos by BZ

At km 16-18, we take as a landmark “the upper left corner of a valley.”
And in the last kilometers, as we approach the shore, we take as a landmark “the right corner at the bottom of a green triangle - of trees ”, which the peak is closer to the upper right corner of the valley :)))

2020 – Vidraru Lake

The thought that often troubled me was related to the limited time pressure I had until I crossed Lake Vidraru.

2019 - Belis Fantanele Lake

... the first unassisted crossing, under Marathon Swimmers Federation and the first ratified swim

2018 – Lago D'Orta

A lake, as big as a sea, at the base of the Alps.

2018 - Crossing the Gulf of Toroneos

… It is not a contest but a celebration!

2017 – Belis, 10000 meters

… an event of 10,000 meters, swimming called "Endurance" in open water, in Cluj, organized in a lake I had never heard of before, by Orca sports club association.

"Diploma at swimming"

The story behind an experiment, to obtain a diploma of recognition for a fictional swim, from an internationally recognized authority.