Marathon Swimmers Federation (MSF)

Entity dedicated to the development and promotion of the ultra-swimming sport branch in open waters, in unassisted regime. Through MSF's efforts, the obviousness of historical swimming is maintained, the values ​​and traditions of this sport are promoted and the rules of marathon swimming are upheld.

Extract from MSF Rules

  • swimming in open water, for several hours and a minimum swimming distance of 10 kilometers, on a route that respects the conditions of repeatability (eg the straightest line)
  • without assistance, based on the physical and mental condition of the swimmer
  • it is allowed standard equipment such as: briefs (incl. jammers bellow waist and above knees), silicone helmet, swimming goggles
  • it is not allowed any equipment that provides buoyancy, maintaining the corporate temperature or any other equipment or method that protects the swimmer from the conditions of the environment or to facilitate his swimming.

Complete set of marathon swimming rules, of the Marathon Swimmers Federation can be consulted on the MSF website, link here.

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