My name is Mihai Badea!
I am 48 years old and, despite the fact that I was born in the sign of Sagittarius, that is, in a sign of Fire, I love water! Why? For one simple reason, which has become me and my friends who share my ideals: „Apa înseamnă viață!” ("Water means life!")
I'm a former military man who has been doing sports for a long time. I practiced water polo, an absolutely extraordinary sport. I still practice it, participating in veteran competitions. I swim daily, trying first of all to enjoy the benefits of physical exercise, but also to maintain the sports form necessary for the actions started in the last two years.
In this last period, together with Bogdan Zurbagiu, a much younger friend, but no less ambitious than me and just as in love with swimming, unconditionally supported and voluntarily supported by true friends, I managed some performances of which, let me be sorry lack of modesty, I am very proud.
Attracted by a very interesting challenge, swimming in open water, I managed, with a preparation like a book, with a lot of dedication, but also with God's help, to complete some fascinating challenges. We started with crossing Belis Lake, 14 kilometers. Then the craving came eating! This was followed by Vidraru Lakes (22 kilometers round trip), Izvorul Muntelui Lake - Bicaz (25 kilometers) and the impressive Razelm (35 kilometers).
I am the husband, the father of two older children and I am always proud of my family without which I would not have been the man I am now.

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